Monday, January 26, 2009

Mental Health Day!

Some people may call this an annual leave day, but I am going to take some time (mostly because I lost my weekend due to the previously mentioned Purple Vom that took over Manhattan!). Today I am going to watch 30 Rock, do some laundry, maybe (maybe!) have a little walk and then meet my Mum for the theater. Maybe it is a preemptive Mental Health Day!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend that never was.

I am taking a mental health day tomorrow. I have had a mofo of a weekend. Purple vom all day Saturday.
That's how I roll. Of course, I D&D'd on Friday night. I can't wait until my iPhone comes back into my perfectly manicured hands and if I am every feeling 'tired and emotional' there is no way that I can use it.

Was told that my play list was "too adult" this afternoon. What 6 year old girl doesn't like to hear a 12" version of Teardrops by Womack + Womack? Next week Barney.

Ramen with lovely Maxi. Think I talked A LOT because of my purple vom enforced silence yesterday. Talks of Istanbul, Hammams and as Justin remarked "the curly toed slippers and Ali Baba-ness" of it all. In your face THIRTY ONE. I'll see you and your Huka in hell.

All the purple vom-ness of the weekend reminds me of Murt & V's wedding during the summer. I fell asleep on a bed of velvet throw cussions. In the garden. For a number of hours.

Miss G Dawg. But actually like him a lot more now that we are not together. Not missing the miserable times we gave each other. He looks like Michael Yorke.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Super Good Mood!

Obama is El Prez!
Dinner with Maxi!
Shopping in the €2 shop for goodie bag fillers!
Bought DJ Headphones!

In other news, I need a haircut.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Across the Baricades

My weekends are now - because of the absence of G and the presence of cold and windy weather - spent in my houseen watching the tube and avoiding laundry.
New Year's Eve filled me full of horror seeing as some day, when I feel like it, I will be a 'swinging single' and Cherchez le garçon (actaully, anybody know where I could get that Taxi Girl tune?). Dublin ain't full to the brim with George Clooneys or Jay McInerneys.
However, this photo that I took last year reminds me that anything is possible. Love can be found between rivals - even if it is only rivalry of morning freesheets...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday... Saturday....

I just cancelled my cleaner for this afternoon because I am too lazy to get up and clean the place before she arrives.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My embarrassment is mounting.

So, my flirting banter is bad. I get it. Ok!
Just had a flashback of talking to boys over the years. I was at a Christmas drinks party a couple of years ago making small talk with the one person - who happened to be a boy - who I knew there.
Small talk is not one of my strong points (ask me to wax about the Ikea catalogue or what I think is the best mascara on the market I can be very lyrical), so, I'm chatting lightheartedly to this chap, light and breezy, not flirting, just being festive. A lull came in the 'conversation' and I suggested journeying to the buffet table for some sausage rolls to which he replied "MY GIRLFRIEND REALLY LIKES SAUSAGE ROLLS!"

For the love of what may be holy - What The Hell??
Do I have desperate on my forehead?
Or do I just turn into Eartha Kitt as Catwoman when confronted with boys in social situations?

I am making mistakes already...

So, newly single. Sort of dipping in and out of self help books and episodes of Sex and the City...
Tried my hand at flirting with a boy who I KNOW has a crush on me over e-mail for the last couple of days. I think I have made a few wrong turns because I was cut off with
' i got work to do now. take care'

And a link to this

I need to practice.

I love Stoneybatter

This is a fancy pants deli where you can get expensive coffee and hummus.

They're not too bright though...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Positivity? Pretty much on a downturn.

Eh... So all my New Years Resolutions pretty much went out the window today.
Starting with a mouth off match with a cyclist who crashed the lights. Then sarcastic thoughts about the smell of burnt garlic coming from Eden as I passed.
Work - pretty much ok.
Then didn't read the book I said I was gonna read yesterday - it's called a breakup because it's broken - because I KNOW it will suggest - nay DEMAND - that I don't do the things that I went on to do...
A little bit of retail therapy. Told a girl in a shop about Dr Marten's boots. Realised that she wasn't even BORN the first time around (realising that trends I wore the first time around are coming back makes me feel old).
Got a taxi home...
Ate a pizza...
Texted the ex...
Watched the war in Gaza...
Tried to blame it on the news coverage of the skirmish...
Can't lie to myself - it was for the ex...

Ok, tomorrow it starts over...

Also, who can't get their mind of TGI Fridays?

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year - New Attitude

Just in from my first outing proper in 2009.  Went to the Mighty Boosh with The Lovelies.  It was fine.  Nicer to see the couple though.

Gonna start reading this tomorrow (again).  Maybe some American straight talkin' can help me get my groove back.  Not 'rare groove' though - that's a whole other story...


I was blanked by somebody on the way to work this morning.
Even worse - I had waved.

In an effort to be Positive in 2009 I am refraining from referring to him as a Douche.
On a positive note I think that the term Douche is terribly funny!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dublin Mannequins are Tarts

I noticed before Christmas that the plastic lovelies in Dublin are veering towards the risqué side.

Like all blogs...

It starts with... 
Ok, here goes, a new blog.  4th January 2009.
What will my blog be about?  I suppose it is just going to start and then see where it goes.  All blogs are random thoughts so this will probably find it's own feet.  And walk where it will...

Also, I have just come out of a very long, very important, very complicated, very, very silly relationship.  Newly single blah blah blah...

Work, home, love is going to see how kick ass 2009 will be.