Friday, January 9, 2009

My embarrassment is mounting.

So, my flirting banter is bad. I get it. Ok!
Just had a flashback of talking to boys over the years. I was at a Christmas drinks party a couple of years ago making small talk with the one person - who happened to be a boy - who I knew there.
Small talk is not one of my strong points (ask me to wax about the Ikea catalogue or what I think is the best mascara on the market I can be very lyrical), so, I'm chatting lightheartedly to this chap, light and breezy, not flirting, just being festive. A lull came in the 'conversation' and I suggested journeying to the buffet table for some sausage rolls to which he replied "MY GIRLFRIEND REALLY LIKES SAUSAGE ROLLS!"

For the love of what may be holy - What The Hell??
Do I have desperate on my forehead?
Or do I just turn into Eartha Kitt as Catwoman when confronted with boys in social situations?

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