Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend that never was.

I am taking a mental health day tomorrow. I have had a mofo of a weekend. Purple vom all day Saturday.
That's how I roll. Of course, I D&D'd on Friday night. I can't wait until my iPhone comes back into my perfectly manicured hands and if I am every feeling 'tired and emotional' there is no way that I can use it.

Was told that my play list was "too adult" this afternoon. What 6 year old girl doesn't like to hear a 12" version of Teardrops by Womack + Womack? Next week Barney.

Ramen with lovely Maxi. Think I talked A LOT because of my purple vom enforced silence yesterday. Talks of Istanbul, Hammams and as Justin remarked "the curly toed slippers and Ali Baba-ness" of it all. In your face THIRTY ONE. I'll see you and your Huka in hell.

All the purple vom-ness of the weekend reminds me of Murt & V's wedding during the summer. I fell asleep on a bed of velvet throw cussions. In the garden. For a number of hours.

Miss G Dawg. But actually like him a lot more now that we are not together. Not missing the miserable times we gave each other. He looks like Michael Yorke.

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